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  • Weight Loss Challenge
    Posted On: Feb 27, 2021

    Mount Laurel Police Unity Tour Team

    Weight Loss Challenge Fundraiser!

    The Mount Laurel Police Unity Tour Team is organizing a Weight Loss Challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to raise money for the Mount Laurel Police Unity Tour Team. The main purpose of the Police Unity Tour is to raise awareness of those law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty and financial support for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and Museum. Since 1997 the Police Unity Tour has grown to include nine chapters and over 2300 members nationwide. Because of your generosity, the Police Unity Tour is the largest supporter of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

    The Weight Loss Challenge’s purpose is also to motivate the participants to lose the extra pounds which were found during this thing called “Covid 19”.

    This Weight Loss Challenge is also a healthy competition between the Mount Laurel Township, Mount Laurel Police Department, Mount Laurel Fire Department, and the Mount Laurel Emergency Medical Services. All members, including support staff, are welcome to participate.


    • Each participant will pay a $25.00 buy-in fee and all proceeds raised will go to the Mount Laurel Police Unity Tour Team

        Payments may be made via Venmo: @MountLaurel-FOPLodge

        Paypal: fop191nj@yahoo.com

        In person to Brother Amaro

    • Each week on a set day, participants will weigh in (honor system).  The participants will provide their weights to a volunteer in each respective department (Brother Amaro), who will provide the numbers to me so that I can input them into a spreadsheet that will calculate weight loss percentages. My only request is that their results be sent only the day that is specified as the "weigh-in day".  If you are late, you will have a one-time "grace" day.  


    • We need two Initial weights BEFORE the challenge begins
      • Individual's weight
      • The combined weight of all the participants from each department. 
    •       The challenge is set to start March 15, which will give everyone time to do so before the challenge starts, so get this done
    •  The challenge will be set for 12 weeks (March 15 to June 15)
    • Weight gain:  if a participant gains weight during any week compared to their INITIAL weight, they pay $1/pound. 

    ***   Participants are encouraged to check their blood pressure before the challenge and at the end. This number does not need to be shared and it is only for personal knowledge to reflect improvement

    Participants are also encouraged to measure their waist circumference at the beginning and the end.  Again, not numbers that have to be share for this challenge.


    • 1st place winner from each department - 
      •  Ninja Blender
    • The Department with the highest overall percentage of weight loss –
      • Second Place Winner – Ninja Air Fryer

    I also attached an article that explains Calorie Density which is a good way to choose what foods will give you the most nutrients and satiety for the least amount of calories. 

    Debby Schiffer, Wellness Director for Burlington County and Tri-County JIFF is assisting me with this challenge and has offered the following at your request:

    Virtual workshops on:

    • why diet's don't work long term
    • understanding gut health and why it's important
    • Myth-busting Macro-nutrients
    • The how's and why's of Mindfulness when it comes to weight loss
    • Understanding the confusion of reading Labels
    • We can review the Calorie Density article I attached
    • How to deal with cravings and the power of habits
    • Importance of exercise and sleep

    Possible Demos:

    • Virtual cooking demo
    • Stretching exercises
    • HIIT workout
    • Mindfulness practice
    • Arrange for a Personal Trainer to talk to the group


    Team Mount Laurel


  • Mount Laurel Fraternal Order of Police

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