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  • Officers & Staff
    Aaron Harty


    The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the lodge. Subject only to the authority of the membership and shall have general charge and supervision over, and responsibility for, the affairs of the lodge. Unless otherwise directed by the membership all other Officers shall be subject to the authority and supervision of the President. He shall preside at all meetings of the lodge and Board of Directors, at all of which he shall enforce order and strict compliance with these By-Laws and such rules and regulations as may be adopted in pursuance thereof. While occupying the Chair he shall not participate in debate without the consent of the majority of the members present. He shall appoint the Chairman and the majority members of all standing and special committees. He shall also serve as ex-officio member thereof. He shall with the Secretary, sign all contracts and other official documents authorized by the membership for this lodge. Either the President, Vice-President, Secretary or the Treasurer, shall sign all orders on the treasury or other depository for the disbursement of Lodge funds.

    Vice President
    Luis Amaro


    The Vice-President shall have general charge, supervision, and responsibility for the negotiations and enforcement of the Police Officers, Lead Officers, and Detectives Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The Vice President shall be the chairperson of the Police Officer, Lead Officer, and Detectives Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiation Committee. Unless the Vice President holds the Rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief or Chief of the Mount Laurel Police Department or is a member of another collective bargaining unit. In such case, there shall be an election for a First Vice President. He/she shall appoint the minority of the negotiation committee.  He/She shall perform such duties and have such authority as from time to time may be delegated to him/her by the President or by the membership. In the absence of the President for any cause, the Executive Vice-President shall perform the duties and be vested with the authority of the President. He/she shall appoint the minority of all committees. He

    2nd Vice President
    Jeffrey Palladino

    The Second Vice-President shall have general charge, supervision, and responsibility for the negotiations and enforcement of the Sergeants and Lieutenants Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The Second Vice President shall be the chairperson of the Sergeants and Lieutenants Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiation Committee.

    Nick DiGirolamo


    The Treasurer shall have general charge of all the dues, fees, fines, assessments and monetary earnings of the lodge shall deposit and maintain all of such funds in a bank account or accounts in the name of The Mount Laurel Fraternal Order of Police Lodge # 191.

    He/she shall have the power when countersigned by either the President, Vice-President or Secretary, to draw, sign and issue checks, drafts and money orders for the withdraw of lodge funds for the prompt payment of all lawful obligations of this lodge which have been approved by the membership.  He/she shall also perform other duties as the President or the membership may assign him/her.

    He/she shall keep accurate records of all receipts and disbursements that shall be available at all times for examination by the membership. He/she shall render a report of the financial condition of the lodge at each meeting of the membership.

    He/she shall maintain in his possession in a locked steel cash box designated as Petty Cash, a sum of money not exceeding $75.00 (Seventy-five) of the general fund which shall be used to defray all incidental and miscellaneous current expenses and in connection therewith he/she shall keep records of all disbursements there from and in addition to. He/she shall also have general custody of all bonds and other securities in which the lodge funds may be from time to time invested and shall keep same in a secure location. All active members dues and other monies received by the lodge shall be place in the bank account or accounts in the name of this lodge.

    He/she shall also maintain a debit card issued by the bank chosen for the lodge and with the President authorize its use for official lodge purchases.  Debit cards may be issued to elected lodge officers at the discretion of both the Treasurer and President for official lodge business. 

    Joshua Truesch


    The Secretary shall have custody of the Seal and all books, documents, papers and records of the lodge not otherwise entrusted, temporarily or permanently, to other officers or to standing or special committees. He/she shall take and transcribe minutes of all the meetings of the lodge and Board of Directors shall submit the same for approval or amendment at the next meeting thereof. When so required he/she shall give due notice of all such meetings, and shall conduct the general correspondence of the lodge. He/she shall with the President, attest and seal all duly authorized and approved contracts of the lodge and keep copies thereof in the files.  At the expiration of his/her term of office, he/she shall deliver to the successor the seal and all books and papers in his/her possession. He/she shall be one of the two officers authorized to sign orders on the treasury for the disbursement of lodge funds.

    Sgt At Arms
    Len Werner


    The Sergeant-at-Arms shall have charge and control of the hall or meeting place.  He/She shall permit only qualified persons to enter or remain.  He/She shall examine dues cards of officers, delegates, and other members, ascertaining that all present at any meeting, special meeting or Executive Board meeting are in good standing.  He shall perform such other duties as the President or Board may required. 

    State Delegate
    Chuck Louk

    The President (or his appointed designee) shall act as the State Trustee and represent Lodge # 191 at all State Board Meetings and report to the general membership all activities of the State Lodge. As State Trustee he/she will be a member of the State Lodge Board of Directors with full voice and vote as the representative of this lodge. He/she will attend the State Conference, as a Lodge Delegate.  The lodge, with the approval of the membership, shall pay the expenses of said Trustee.  If the President designates a Lodge Trustee, that appointment will be in writing to the State Secretary and will reflect the duration of appointment that member will serve as State Trustee.  

    Corey Jones

    The Chaplain shall be appointed by the President. He/she shall give the invocation and benediction at meetings; render assistance in times of illness, disability and bereavement to the members or their families.

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